Mobility Bathing

Do you struggle, getting in & out of the bath? 

Well you’ve come to the right place, at Go shower we have over 30 years experience in producing beautiful bathrooms that are mobility friendly. We can walk you through what you will need, regarding grab handles, shower seats, low level screens and much more. Everything in our mobility bathrooms has been thought through, and we build it around YOU. Taking into a account your dimensions, to get a bathroom that measures up to exactly what you need. Our reputation is built on accommodating our customers and delivering a bathroom that not only is beautifully fitted & finished but restores YOUR INDEPENDENCE to bathe. Once the work is complete you can bathe easy in the knowledge that all mobility bathrooms come complete with a 5 year workmanship warranty. Why not call or email today to book a FREE survey.

So what’s the process, once I book a survey? Well, that’s easy. The process is broken down into 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – FREE survey

We’ll send a qualified installation engineer to assess your bathroom, usually myself, John Maxwell. This allows me to see in detail, all possibilities for your bathroom space. We can source samples and discuss your tastes. A detailed survey allows us to give you a fixed price estimate, and stick to it.

Step 2 – Our Service

We treat your home with the care & respect it deserves, & make sure carpets and floors are protected. Our friendly & courteous staff, will dismantle, remove & dispose of your old bathroom. We know it is disruptive to have works done and work diligently to make the experience as pleasant as possible. The next step is to plan & prepare the plumbing work.

Steps 3 – Delivery & installation

Our dedicated team of high calibre tradesman, will transform your bathroom space into a place you can truly relax. The finish on our bathrooms is beautiful, and is just one of the reasons, we are so in demand. Once complete we leave your property tidy and bathroom gleaming. Included on all our new bathrooms is our 5 year workmanship warranty. So should you have an unforeseen problem with your new bathroom, you can rest assured that you have a 5 year watertight guarantee.